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Reports and monitoring

Monitor activity, gain insights. Track each child’s unique learning journey, notice emerging trends and compare curriculum use over time.

Storypark Reporting screenshot

Activity reports

Activity reports provide the information you need to make informed decisions about what needs to happen and what to respond to.

Child activity: Use these reports to make sure no child is left behind. Track and compare the number of observations each child has received, number of connected family members and their comments. Download a PDF copy for staff meetings.

Educator activity: Get an overview of what educators have been working on in Storypark. Support staff and allocate resources to help them where needed. Customise the date range for a long or short term view.

Storypark Reporting screenshot
Storypark Reporting screenshot

Learning and teaching trends

Analyse your service’s curriculum and learning outcome use over time via learning trend reports.

Teaching trends let you monitor how your curriculum or custom frameworks are being applied to documentation and observations by educator. Select an individual or a group of educators.

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Compare data sets

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Use split view to compare two curriculums or outcomes. View high level or drill down into specific parts of your curriculum. See proportionately how many times you've tagged one aspect of learning vs others.

Storypark Reporting screenshot