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Record on the go or when you’re ready

Select one child, a group of children or a whole room. Record bulk routines by the days children regularly attend. Add details or observations to give parents more context.

Storypark routines screenshot
Routines summary

A daily summary overview

Each day has a summary of what happened at your service. View all or filter by the type of routine. For easy record-keeping, the calendar tool allows you to go back and see every past routine ever recorded.

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Share with families

Each routine is shared with parents as soon as you send them. Without notifications, parents are well informed without being overwhelmed.

Storypark routines screenshot
Storypark routines screenshot

Regular days

Set the days each child regularly attends your service, to simplify recording routines each day.

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Easy and efficient compliance

Download records to keep on hand, or export as and when you need. Save money on printing costs and reduce data double handling.

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Five essential routines allow parents to feel connected throughout the day and make informed decisions when their child gets home.

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Record meal times, snacks and drinks. Select from preset meal types and amounts, or add your own.

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Sleep start and end times, along with sleep checks.

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Nappy changes, toilet training as well as accidents.

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Record sunscreen application.

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A flexible, general routine you can use for recording anything else your service values. Health and temperature checks, outdoor play or incidents.